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Established on the principle that civil servants deserve financial planning tailored to their specific needs.

Investment advice should not only be for the ultra-high net worth. Federal Retirement Investment Advisers, LLC, is an independently owned boutique investment advisory firm whose niche is serving civil servant retirees and employees, both CSRS and FERS, of virtually any income level.

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Retirement Readiness

When can you really retire? We will investigate how much you need to live according to your expectations.

Life Events

Whether it’s planning to pay for higher education, coping with the loss of a loved one, caring for aging parents, a divorce, or something totally unexpected, you’ll know how to be financially prepared.

TSP Annuity or Rollover?

We will discuss the pros and cons of a TSP Annuity or a rollover to an IRA. We will develop an investment management plan


Know the role of FEGLI, FEHB, Medicare and long-term care in your financial plan.

Social Security

For those with social security, we will discuss the optimal time for you to take benefits when taking into account your lifestyle and future needs.

Tax Strategies

Develop strategies to minimize your tax liabilities when it comes time to take distributions from your retirement accounts.

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Investment Management

Assess your goals and objectives. Develop an investment strategy that matches your needs and risk tolerance. Monitor and review progress toward targeted financial goals Rebalance and adjust based on changes in assets or personal/family situation.

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Financial Planning

Get a fully customized financial plan personally explained to you in English. Determine retirement age for your situation and lifestyle needs. Analyze income from all sources including planning for CSRS Offset, FERS supplement, etc. See how establishing and contributing or distributing funds from other retirement sources affects your situation.

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Our Process