Trust. Safety. Integrity. Service.

My goal is to develop a long-term client-advisor relationship with you and help you achieve your financial goals through the use of investment vehicles.  My promise to you is to invest your money as I would for a family member with a careful, cautious and prudent approach that is commensurate with the time frame, goal and risk tolerance of the individual.

Federal Retirement Investment Advisers includes investment management services for their new financial planning clients at no cost. We have a conversation about what is truly important to you. Everyone’s situation is different. Your first step on a journey is to ask where are we trying to go. Then you decide how you are going to get there. You map out the path, the method of getting there. Here is a bulleted overview of our process.

  • A conversation with you to understand your goals and what is truly important to you.
  • Assess and evaluate your current assets, investments and tax situation.
  • I will ask questions such as how much risk are you comfortable with, what is the timeframe for your goal, how much access do you need to your money before we get to our final destination?
  • Develop a strategic and tactical plan to help reach your goals within the parameters you specify.
  • Execute the strategy utilizing stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs, real estate, commodities etc.
  • Monitor the investments for performance and risk and tweak as necessary along the way.
  • Provide you feedback along the journey and determine if any of the criteria has changed.

Federal Retirement Investment Advisers charges a simple fee as a percent of assets managed as listed in the table below. Please contact us today to get started.